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Who We Are

Threshold to Recovery LLC, establishes communities for recovering alcoholics and addicts to heal through structure, honesty and accountability. By providing a safe environment for program participants  to grow, they are learning how to work a recovery program that will redefine the lives that they have when they leave. It’s not about getting your life back, it’s about opening doors to possibilities that participants never knew existed for their lives moving forward.

We are an Alcoholic and and Addict that have been shown a way of life that is far better than the ones we were living. We are here to show you the same thing!


A Letter From Our Founders

Owners of Threshold To Recovery, LLC

Welcome to Threshold To Recovery!

We are so pleased you have begun the journey of finding a sober living for yourself of someone you love! We know this can be a scary process and at times you may not know where to turn, and that is where we come in. Danny & Cody are two individuals that also suffer from Substance Use Disorder, that have been to similar treatment centers, spent time in jail, slept in the same parks and have experience the hopelessness that is brought on by our disease. WE UNDERSTAND AND WE"RE HERE TO HELP! We have experience the same steps your are going through currently, but have also been able to feel the long-term freedom of pain from addiction. You may have many questions, and that's ok. Fill out an application, give us a call, shoot us an email, we want to make this process as smooth for you as possible. Our focus is not to make sure you come to Threshold To Recovery, rather that we find the best option for you within our community connections, and make sure you are provided with the resources that lead to success. However, if you come to our houses, you have. been warned, you will be brought into our family and loved until you can love yourself. I know that sounds scary, because most of us have forgotten what that feels like. But we are here to show you that there is a better way. We love you and can't wait to hear from you. 

Danny Burke & Cody Cochran

Meet Our Family

At Threshold To Recovery, we proudly work with our current Participants to identify House Managers and Assistant House Managers. Below are the individuals that keep this program going every day!

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