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House event at Threshold To Recovery

Our Program

Weekly Recovery Activities

All Program Participants must attend a minimum of four different recovery related activities per week. This can include 12-Step communities, non 12-Step communities, church, Active Recovery or one of our program offerings. 

Active Recovery

We have partnered with Elevate Recovery to give our Participants access to all of their events. Whether it's weekly workouts, hiking club, climbing club, or running club, we have an option for you. 

12-Step At Home

Every one of our homes offers a weekly 12-Step meeting that is hosted by the House Manager. Meetings can be a great resource, but can also be a bit intimidating. Get comfortable speaking recovery in your own living room. 

Monthly House Events

Having fun in recovery is something many of us have to learn after a number of years of drinking or using. To assist in the process, we host monthly events that include holidays, Top Golf, bowling, swimming parties, fight nights and many more. 

Book Club

Our Threshold To Recovery Book Club meets weekly at one of our three locations. For this club, we have a weekly assigned reading from a recovery based book that we meet about regularly and discuss. Also open to the recovery community!

Peer Coaching Groups

Starting March of 2024, we will be implementing a Group Peer Coaching program designed by addicts for addicts. This program specifically focuses on the newcomer, assiting with life skills and relapse prevention. 


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