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Thornton West House

Our Thornton West House is ideal for the individual that is looking for a job and trying to get on their feet. Located three blocks from the Federal Bus Line, it's also within walking distance of three different Day Labor resources. There are two 12-Step meetings that are also within walking distance. The home itself is comfortable and warm with a nice outdoor space with a fire pit for house meetings. Looking for a job and don't have transportation, Thornton West is the perfect place to get started. 

Deposit & Intake Fee - $350

Monthly Program Fee - $900-950

Huron House

The Huron House is a masterpiece of comfort and warmth located in a beautiful neighborhood in Northglenn. Near the Northglenn Marketplace, I-25, and an AA meeting across the street, this location is great for the person that wants a relaxed environment after coming home from work. With a huge backyard and warm wood finishes, this house is in a great location to assist with your recovery.

Deposit & Intake Fee - $350

Monthly Program Fee - $1000

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